AmSpec has gathered a team of highly trained and skilled professionals with extensive market knowledge.  We offer a variety of technical services in our many locations domestically and internationally.



Using the many years of experience within the industry, AmSpec Laboratory Services can undertake product blending to meet client required specifications. We offer troubleshooting analysis for any gasoline blends.

  • General Gasoline/Fuel Blends
  • 10% Ethanol blends to EPA Requirements
  • 2-20% Biodiesel Blends to Various Specifications
  • Biodiesel Fuel Blend Stock, B100

Fuel Testing:

  • Fuel Grade Ethanol Quality
  • Latest ASTM D 4806 Specifications
  • D 4814 gasoline Testing
  • Biodiesel ASTM D6751 or EN 14214
  • Fuel Oil Specifications ISO 8217 etc.