AmSpec has gathered a team of highly trained and skilled professionals with extensive market knowledge.  We offer a variety of technical services in our many locations domestically and internationally.


Agriculture Services

      AmSpec provides quality loading/discharging inspections, testing and quality supervision services to the Agriculture Industry including exporters, importers, third parties and grain elevators. The products covered include but are not limited to grains, animal fats, veg oils, oil seeds, meals, DDGS, bio fuel feedstocks and fertilizer.

      Our satellite labs provide trustworthy testing along with competitive pricing for Quality Control onsite in the export elevators. AmSpec offers dependable and precise testing, quick turnaround times, experienced employees, and certified IFIA inspectors for third party custody transfers. The satellite labs cover the key testing for grains in the export elevators and our main lab located at AmSpec’s Houston Technical Center is a full-service testing lab for Agriculture products including metals, mycotoxins, glycerin testing both refined and crude, pesticides, free fatty acid, along with many other testing capabilities.


Export Elevators On-Site Quality Control and Supervision (Grains):

  • Licensed Graders by the US Government under the US Grain Warehouse Act

  • Check grades every 20,000 bushels to ensure quality is controlled throughout the loading process

  • Testing/Grading on inbound grain via hand sampling or pneumatic probe (Truck/Rail/Barge)

Fats and Oils, Fertilizer:

  • IFIA certified agriculture inspectors are utilized on all loading/discharge/transfer surveys

  • Testing capabilities - free fatty acid, moisture, impurities, metals, fatty acid profile, mycotoxins….

  • Experienced staff capable of handling Letter of Credit documentation

Accreditations and Associations:


  • AFOA – American Fats and Oils Association

  • AOCS – American Oil Chemist Society

  • GAFTA – Grain and Feed Trade Association

  • FOSFA – Federation of Oils, Seeds, and Fats Association

  • NIOP – National Institute of Oilseed Processers

  • TGFA – Texas Grain and Feed Association

  • GEAPS – Grain Elevator and Processing Society

  • NGFA – National Grain and Feed Association

Domestic and International Expansion:

AmSpec currently offers the above services across the US, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Caribbean, Singapore and Australia with plans to further expand across Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  As we expand internationally we will continue to provide the same level of customer service our customers have grown accustomed to.  We will be looking for the most qualified individuals in every geography to help us continue to grow our Agricultural Division.  If you would like to join the AmSpec Agricultural Services Team, please feel free to contact us at .