Full quality testing and cargo inspection services are available for Fuel Oils, Marine Bunker Fuels, Residual Fuels, VGO and other heavy distillates and fuels. The fuels are tested to national and international industry and regulatory standards including ASTM and ISO 8217 specifications.

Jet Fuels Tested:

  • Marine Bunker Fuels

  • ISO 8217 Specifications

  • Residual Fuels, No. 6 Fuel Oil

  • ASTM D396 Specifications

  • Light and Heavy VGO

Fuel Oil Testing Services:

  • Ash, Carbon Residue

  • Vacuum & High Temp Simulated Distillation

  • Metals

  • Trace metals (Arsenic, Nickel, Cadmium, Mercury, etc.)

  • Sulfur

  • Storage Stability

  • Viscosity

  • Heavy Distillates Testing and Inspection  

  • Many more ASTM, IP and other industry tests

Fuel Oil Contaminations:

Services are also provided to detect and determine fuel contaminations from chemical waste products such as styrene, chlorinated solvents and other volatile solvents as dictated by ISO 8217 specifications.