A 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur specification, known as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), was phased in for highway diesel fuel by US-EPA. Diesel engines equipped with advanced emission control devices (generally, 2007 and later model year engines and vehicles) must use highway ULSD fuel. Exhaust emissions from these engines will decrease by more than 90%.

Amspec laboratories are qualified by US-EPA* to perform low level sulfur determinations of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.  Fuel testing and field inspections services are offered for a wide range of fuels, including diesel fuel, biodiesel blends, ULSD and other fuel oils.

Diesel fuel tests:

  • Sulfur by ASTM D 5453, D 2622, or D 7039

  • Lubricity by D 6079 or D 7688

  • Conductivity ASTM D 2624

  • Diesel Fuel Slate Testing

*Sulfur Analysis and ULSD:

EPA allows ASTM D 5453, D 2622, D 7039 and some other test methods under the performance-based test method approach. Methods could be qualified if they meet specified performance criteria specified in 40 CFR 80.584 and  40 CFR 80.585.